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Tweetage, Kitties, Vote dammit! + Crackdown stuff

So while bored this week, I made a few small changes to my blog (over there ->)

Firstly is my Twitter feed, kinda pointless but whatever, there it is. Next is a poll, first up is a colours poll, but I'll add a new poll every 2 weeks. Lastly is a random slideshow of kitties, because my blog needed some more cuteness.

Random stuff: Today I got my brother a birthday present, Crackdown for 360. Finally I can do some co-op! I have a feeling it will be mad, cars thrown everywhere, jumping off buildings, you know, the usual chaos. Man I can't wait for Crackdown 2... I was a little concerned when I found out it wasn't being developed by Realtime Worlds (Developers of the original Crackdown) but looking at videos for the second one, it looks quite a bit better, and that's saying something because the original was almost perfect for me. I had a few complaints with the first though, and almost all of them seem to have been fixed. Firstly was the lack of variety in the missions, which was probably my biggest complaint. From the videos I've seen, it's no longer just "Kill the bosses", but the missions still look a little basic (eg: turn some valves to open something), which is okay actually, because I don't think complicated missions would suit the Crackdown series. Next biggest was the melee system. Basically there was only 2 options - kick and hit with gun. Now they've introduced combos and melee weapons, which look particularly deadly. Next up, the weapons. You're a super soldier who can lift cars and jump buildings. Most of the weapons in the original were pretty pointless, because with level 4 strength, you'd just be throwing cars and kicking enemies, and maybe firing off a few rockets. The new weapons look brutal, and look like they'll actually get used, if not for their effectiveness then just for the fact that they have cool effects.

Now, the videos:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

That's all for now... I've been slightly busy so sorry for lack of blogs. You can expect another one around the 12th!


elektrixxx said...

Crackdown is now installable on the preview program dashboard update.

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