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People you are allowed to hate (without ever meeting them in person)

Hey guys,

So this is an idea I came up with today. People you are allowed to hate (without ever meeting them in person) Just a random list, hopefully it'll deliver some minor lols:
  1. Kyle Sandilands
  2. People that say 'lol' out loud
  3. Peter Everett (Ready Steady Cook host, also massive idiot)
  4. Casual gamers
  5. Whoever came up with the word 'rawsome'.
That's all I could think of. Can you come up with some better ones? Let me know in the comments!!!


Agent said...

Every girl in my class say lol out loud....and rofl....and lmao....but i cant hate them..their to hot:P

Darkmessiah24 (Matty) said...

Robert "Bobby" Kotick (CEO of Activison)
Zac Efron
Wapanese Idiots

That's pretty much that I can think of. A good idea there, Turbo and I do agree on Kyle (what a prick).

insanegamer said...

totally agree.

TicTac8745 said...

Kyle Sandilands and casual gamers for me!

Darkmessiah24 (Matty) said...

Oh, one more to add.

Achievement/Trophie Whores and Graphic Whores :D

elektrixxx said...

Nickelback, and Nickelback Jnr. AKA Daughtry.

Jessica! said...

People who get their homophones wrong.

Their/there/they're for example...

If this happens, my eye twitches. But I will admit that sometimes we all make mistakes. But I've seen it in actual novels... *shudders* Not nice...

Also... Channel 9.

Paul denton said...

1) Glenn Beck
2) Rush Limbaugh
3) Paris hilton
4) Kyle Sandilands
5) Console fanboys 'My console is the best'

Mystic_knight said...

Yeh i kinda hate everyone...
If they were all as good as me this would be the best world to live on......
Ok I really can't think of anyone i hate, but if the world was filled with Lucy Liu and Kathleen de Leon, Zhang Ziyi ... (L)_(L).... It is but a dream. well yeh i got lotsa love for some people but not much hate.
I tend to get annoyed with racists and bigots... we don't need that shit here.

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