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Ideas for PSP2

This is another random blog, something I was randomly thinking about and wanted to share.
  • Hard drive - With the introduction of the PSP Go, I think it's safe to say that the next PSP will also have one. Now I don't think that they should remove the UMD drive for the next one, but a PSP with both a UMD drive and internal hard drive would be the best. That way you can have both UMD games, and digital ones. Sure you can have both now, but Memory Sticks big enough to hold a couple of games are expensive! I bought a new 2GB one this year, and already it's full, mostly because of FF VII (which I have yet to finish... oops)
  • NO touch screen - No! Bad Sony! Just because the DS has one, does NOT mean that you have to have one too! Sure, it would work, but I Have my DS for touch screen gaming. No other gimmicks either please, like an accelerometer. Just no.
  • Trophy Support - This is a big one for me, because I just love achievements, and I'm sure I'd love trophies too if I had a PS3. They make you play the game in different ways - I know I would have never beaten Halo 3 on Legendary if there wasn't an achievement in it for me. 
  • Improved battery life - Please! My launch PSP runs for about 4 hours before conking out.
  • Themes in the home menu - It's nice that they let us change the background, but it'd be nicer to have more customisation (colour schemes, etc).
  • Smoother graphics - Right now, there are too many jaggies in almost all PSP games. The level of detail is great, but it isn't being used fully.
  • Don't make it a phone (thanks to Elektrixxx for reminding me about this) - No. Just no. No PSP phone, or I'm not touching it with a 50ft pole. That's like... the worst idea in the history of ideas. Not to mention it's obvious that they are trying to cash in on the success of the iPhone.
 Any more ideas? Those are all I could come up with for now. Look out for more blogs later!


Darkmessiah24 (Matty) said...

I was actually gonna do a blog similar to this but I guess you've beaten me to it so I won't have to :P

Anyway, You've probably said it best what should be Sony's new PSP, most of those thing I agree on, although I can do without the smoother graphics (since I think they're just fine), themes (although it would be nice if there were more designs) and Trophy support.

TicTac8745 said...

I think Sony should embrace the homebrew community, I mean, they can really make great programs that brings out huge potential from the PSP. It's a shame that they still want to shun them, if they got the homebrew community onboard and do something like Apple's app store, then the PSP will (I think) be an even greater device.

dynam3 said...

I agree with all your ideas especially the trophy system, it would actually motivate me more to play my psp.
also TicTac's Point, It would be impressive to see somewhat of a application store on the psp. I can see it being beneficial for Sony.

elektrixxx said...

I'd buy a PSP if it were also a phone.

TurboPhoenix said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me Elektrixxx.

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