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A rant about rants

Yes, rather ironic, isn't it?

One of the major problems I have with blogging and vlogging is rants. They are absolutely stupid, yet people feel compelled to do them over and over, and on the stupidest things too (more irony). They feel that for some reason you would rather read/listen to them go on and on about how crap something is, rather than read/listen to a constructive and informative argument. Guess what guys - your not cool. In a way, rants are insulting to the reader/viewer. They don't think you could understand the constructive and informative argument, so they put it in simple terms they think you will be able to understand, and usually they use lots of swearing to try to back up the fact that they are angry. We get it. You don't need to say "NO FUCKING WAY" or "THOSE STUPID FUCKING FUCKS" over and over. It's also insulting to the author. They can't be bothered to think of a constructive and informative argument, so they just swear alot.

Another thing that bothers me about rants is when they are planned. No. This is not a rant. It is a planned attack on something or somebody. You do not plan a rant. You do it spur of the moment, and you make lots of spelling errors due to your brain being so clouded with rage over "OMG this gamez r been delay3d 1 day! I r gon boycott EA Gaymes (or if you prefer: Sucktivision, Fagtendo, Phony, M$ (probably the lamest because they couldn't even be bothered to come up with a good pun), Ubicunt, I could go on and on, but I won't)"

Vlog rants are even funnier. Wow, a pasty 16 year old whose voice hasn't broken yet and whose face contains more oil than a McDonald's deep fryer, yelling about... something, you probably won't be able to tell what it is he's yelling about because of the incredible look of PURE RAGE on his face. Way to get your point across in a way that is definitely going to get you some serious recognition. Seriously guys, go back to fapping over the women's underwear section of the Walmart catalogue.

In conclusion: Don't rant. It makes you look like even more a douche than you really are (even more irony)


Darkmessiah24 (Matty) said...

You may have a good point here and there but let me ask you this.

If a person was trying to make a decent arguement and can't be allowed to rant, then how do they let their feelings out on a certain subject?

Try and answer that :)

TurboPhoenix said...

Umm... that is a joke, right? You can get your point across without ranting. in fact you get your point across better WITHOUT ranting. Rants are not decent arguments. They are stupid ways that people try and get noticed.

elektrixxx said...

Thanks Mr. Phoenix.

I've seen a bit much of it lately regarding the Modern Wafare 2 on PC thing and Junglist getting taken off TV.

These names also rock:
Nintendo BS Shite
Gaystation Pee
Electronic Farts

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