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So I know I said I was going to do another one days ago, but I had no idea what to write about. And I still have no idea. So I'm gonna do a random blog! Whatever the hell comes to mind.

So... Oh! I'm watching Seinfeld. Funny stuff. I love Go!. It's a surprisingly good channel, considering it's run by Channel 9, which is basically the king of crap TV right now. The only 2 things I can think of that annoy me are Big Bang Theory and TMZ. I just find BBT incredibly unfunny (I know some of you probably like it, but hey, we have different ideas on what's funny) and TMZ is just plain crap. The rest is good! 90's sitcoms (Just Shoot Me, The Nanny, Seinfeld) old cartoons (Flintstones, Jetsons, original Scooby Doo) and more youth-oriented shows like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. I still don't know why I like that... and I still don't know why I like Twilight. I know it's bad, but I still like it!!!

Something else that annoys me about Go! is that this episode of Seinfeld is a repeat. I mean, of course it's a repeat, but they played it earlier today. And I watched it then too. There's a disadvantage to staying at home doing nothing all day... besides the lack of money of course.

I added some links to the blog the other day. Most of them are webcomics that I read religiously. In order of preference:
  1. Questionable Content
  2. Ménage à 3
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  4. Anders Loves Maria
ALM would be higher but it doesn't really have many strips, and Rene, the author and artist, doesn't update as frequently as I would like due to personal reasons. Ma3 I only started reading a few days ago, but I already love it.

Also on that list is Farmville for Facebook. It's so damn addicting. It's crazy really. I've been seriously considering spending a bunch of REAL money to buy in-game currency for it. If I had any real money... The little money I do have is going towards Jessica. Yes, she ranks higher than games and manga! What is this madness?!?

That's all I can think of. Also I'm hungry. Oh! One more thing: doesn't this look brilliant? I'm really considering buying this as a physical print when I get some money.


elektrixxx said...

Are they airing the old 4:3 versions of Senfeld or the 16:9 restored versions?

I want to buy all of Seinfeld in HD one day.

I've been watching the new Curb Your Enthusiasm. This season looks to be one of the best.

TurboPhoenix said...

Sadly it's the old 4:3 ones. I'm looking forward to watching Curb, Go! has that too, but I've forgotten what night...

Jessica! said...

Hehehe, I sound like a money-hungry whore. :P

"I'm not a slut! I'm not a slut!!!" *breaks down confessional door*

But yes, I also like Ménage à 3. Thanks for linking me! :P

TicTac8745 said...

I haven't touch GO! at all really - nice to see some classics on, but at the same time, I've watched them already so many times that I don't want to watch it again.

Agentdandb said...

omg seinfeld is awesome...even tho it was on..when i was like 4 lol. still i watch it on dvds. but whats GO? i dont get that channel..and i have foxtel!!:( no fair. but twilight? arghhh twilight sucks lol..i mean c-mon vampires! harry potter is better:D

TurboPhoenix said...

Haha, yeah, Harry Potter totally whups Twilight, no questions asked.

Paul said...

Well, if you want webcomics, you can also try these:
3) Daths and Droids.

They are hilarious.

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