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Pokemon Heart Gold Impressions


So, Pokemon Heart Gold arrived on Wednesday, and yes, I have been playing it pretty much non-stop. I have the first 8 badges, and I'm up to the lead up to the Elite 4.

So, what can I say? Wow. It's a near-perfect remake. Everything is here. The same old towns, Pokemon and characters that you remember from the originals. Just better. Better graphics, better sound, better items. That's not to say it's ALL good.

Some things have taken a step backwards. One for example, is lack of a VS. Seeker. For those who have forgotten or haven't played newer games, the VS. Seeker is an item you can use to see if trainers you have battled before want to fight again. It's an incredibly simple concept, but one with infinite value, since this lets you level your Pokemon up easily. You can choose the area, for example if you want to train a grass Pokemon you can go to the water and use it, and you'll have a type advantage. So you can see why I miss it. You can still have rematches with trainers, but they have to call you up for one, which can be a pain since they might not call for a long time. You can also call specific trainers yourself, but they will only want to battle at certain times.

Which leads me to the next point, the PokeGear. It was in the originals too, but they should have learned from the Poketch and modified it a bit! Instead of the time or other useful information being displayed on the bottom screen, you just have a menu, your running shoes and 2 registered key items. The 2 items thing is good, but only one is set to a button (the other you need to touch the icon). I don't see why, when so many buttons are unused. There are 5 buttons that could be used for registering items, but instead we only get one, and the rest go unused.

That said, it's still an awesome game. It's perfect for anybody, be it those who are just getting into Pokemon, or a hardcore Pokemaniac like myself. Well worth it!

Just an update


So I've been out of blogging action for a while. No specific reason for this... I just haven't had anything to blog about. The next blog I do will be a Pokemon Heart Gold impressions blog though, I pre-ordered that last night from GAME's online store. Gold version was my favourite game for a long time... actually I think it only got beaten when Ruby came out. So yeah, safe to say that I'm super excited for it. I'll do that blog on the first day I get the game, and after I finish most of it I'll do a proper review.

That's all for now, hope you've all been well.