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Into Oblivion

So, on Friday I finally picked up Oblivion on the 360. Sadly it wasn't the GOTY edition, but when I saw it for $25 in EB I couldn't resist. I've been playing it pretty much non-stop, and wow... What can I say about it that hasn't been said before? It's awesome. It combines everything I loved about Fallout 3 with an engaging fantasy environment. Love it. I think I'm somewhere near the end of the main storyline, though I've still got tons of sidequests left to do. I should probably take it slowly, since it will be the last new game I get until Red Dead Redemption. After that's done I'll probably start on the Oblivion DLC, which will cost me a bundle. 2400 MS points for Shivering Isles alone! I'm told it's worth it though, and I'm inclined to believe that!


elektrixxx said...

Knowing you've played Fallout 3 end to end, does the game engine feel dated? I want to get into it, but I may have to just let it go because it's kinda old. Also because the next Fallout game will steal much of my time.

TurboPhoenix said...

The engine in Oblivion? Not at all. They obviously refined it in Fallout 3, but it's still pretty good. The only complaint I have is the amount of loading while you're walking around. But with the size of the map, that's forgivable. I've heard that problem is gone in the PS3 version though.

Mystic_knight said...

Such a boring and crappy game... I never regretted spending money on a game like i did for oblivion. I bought the collectors edition.. seing that score of 9.6 led me to believe it was awesome.. how sadly wrong i was.

pros: beautiful graphics and scenery.
Cons: everything else, crap storyline, boring and repetitive quests, combat style is rubbish. This game is still the reason i haven't bought Fallout 3.

TurboPhoenix said...

Well I guess that's your fault for blindly trusting review scores.

The story, I agree. Bethesda suck quite a bit in the main story department, Fallout 3's was pretty bad too.

The fact that you thought the quests were boring and repetitive shows me how little you must have played. Sure, some of them are repetitive, but it's not an RPG without that repetition. The majority of the quests I have done are great. There's your typical "kill some monsters" type stuff, but there's also more than that. The Dark Brotherhood questline is great, and sees you doing assassinations on multiple targets, often forcing you to think differently if you want to get the bonuses. Of course, you can just run in, mace the target(s) in the face and run out, but that's no fun. Then there's the Daedra God quests that see you doing things like freeing ogres, usually your enemy, so that they can run a farm and use their previous masters as slaves. Long story short: You played the wrong quests.

And finally, I can see where you're coming from with the combat. It's okay at best, it could have used combos and more power moves (though you do learn new power attacks as you level up your blade/blunt weapon skill, but they are largely useless)

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