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Updates (12/01/10)

Oops! I know I said I'd do a blog around the 29th but I totally forgot... But better late than never, eh? The reason I left it so late is because as you probably know Jessica, my girlfriend, came to visit from the Gold Coast. And now she is gone :(. But life goes on, and I am now eagerly awaiting her next visit... sadly it will be in 5-6 months though. However, in that time I have more than a few games to keep me occupied! They are:
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Borderlands
  • Braid
  • Castle Crashers
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
  • Mass Effect 2 (pre-ordered the special edition)
  • Prototype
  • World In Conflict + Soviet Assault expansion
That's not including the few games in my collection that I have yet to finish from a while back (Prince of Persia, Stranglehold, GRAW, Banjo Tooie, etc)

That's it for this blog really... yeah, not very big. See you soon.


elektrixxx said...

People were down on Prototype when it released, but I played the hell out of it and loved it.

Might have been because I wasn't distracted by InFamous at the time.

FlamingR1ft said...

(Hey Turbo! It's barkera!)

That looks like plenty to keep you occupied Turbo! You should have told me you had an off-gamespot blog! I found out through TicTac! I actually just started my own blog too. Geeting sick of the gamespot one :P It's at

TurboPhoenix said...

Hey Barkera!

Yeah, sorry about that... I left Gamespot in a big hurry and pretty much the only people from there that know of this blog are my Twitter followers. I only started this on the day I left so I didn't get a chance to tell anybody. Thinking of returning for one blog, just so I can promote this one haha.

There seems to be a lot of people getting sick of Gamespot recently... it sounds like it's gone really downhill. I seem to have left at the start of it.

Awesome, I'll follow you asap! I hope to see you around here more!

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